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Download demo images

Pre-built demo images for a set of reference devices are provided below, so you do not have to integrate devices nor build images in order to test Mender.

Steps to build Artifacts for other device types and with custom software are provided at Building a Mender Yocto Project image, however we recommend using the demo images first.

There are two types of images:

  • Disk images (*.sdimg): Used to provision the device storage for devices without Mender running already.
  • Mender Artifacts (*.mender): Upload them to the Mender server in order to deploy new root file systems to devices already running Mender and registered with the server.

Mender will skip deployments if the Artifact installed is the same as the one being deployed. Therefore, two Artifacts are provided for each device type so that you can do several deployments by deploying back and forth between these two Artifacts.

Download the Artifacts for your desired device types below:

Device type Disk image Artifact 1 Artifact 2
Virtual N/A (part of server) vexpress_release_1.mender vexpress_release_2.mender
BeagleBone Black mender-beaglebone.sdimg.gz beaglebone_release_1.mender beaglebone_release_2.mender
Raspberry Pi 3 mender-raspberrypi3.sdimg.gz raspberrypi3_release_1.mender raspberrypi3_release_2.mender

To continue the tutorial download both Artifacts for the Virtual device.

If you have a BeagleBone Black or Raspberry Pi 3 you want to test Mender with as well, download the disk image and both Artifacts for it.

After downloading the desired images, proceed to Deploy to virtual devices.