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Release notes & changelog

meta-mender rocko-v2018.01

Released 01.04.2018

  • meta-mender-core: Allow dtbos in KERNEL_DEVICETREE

meta-mender rocko-v2017.12

Released 12.20.2017

  • mender-artifact: Fix build failure due to poky golang source directory changes.
  • Catch up with latest poky U-Boot v2017.05.
  • Fix build failure after poky switched to checking out Go sources under the full GOPATH.
  • rpi-u-boot-scr: Switch to style recipe.
  • sato: Set NETWORK_MANAGER to systemd.
  • Update example-state-scripts to use standard logging.
  • Add Mender 1.3.0b1 recipe.
  • Work around bug in libpseudo regarding file owners on data partition.
  • Add machine configuration for Mender on colibri-imx7
  • u-boot: update mender_boot_part_name when mender_boot_part changes
  • Remove meta-mender-beaglebone layer. This layer is not needed anymore for compiling for Beaglebone and should be removed from all build configurations. (MEN-1387)
  • Add example recipe to show how to deploy files into Mender persistent data partition
  • mender-artifact: Fix build failure due to poky golang support changes.
  • meta-mender-raspberrypi: increase layer priority to 10
  • Fix bug where MENDER_DEVICE_TYPES_COMPATIBLE would only accept one entry.
  • mender: Adjust patches for U-Boot v2017.09
  • mender: Use GO environment variable to launch the compiler
  • Implement heuristic automatic patching of U-Boot. It can be turned on and off by setting MENDER_UBOOT_AUTO_CONFIGURE to 1 and 0, respectively, in a u-boot.bbappend file. It is on by default. If the automatic patching is unsuccessful, there is a special bitbake target that can be used to extract the generated patch and use it as a basis for a manual patch. It can be invoked with bitbake -c save_mender_auto_configured_patch <u-boot-recipe>, where <u-boot-recipe> is either u-boot or the fork of U-Boot that your board uses. (MEN-1387)
  • Bump mender and mender-artifact to version 1.1.0 and 2.0.0, respectively.
  • Remove recipes for Mender 1.0.x series.
  • Add Mender 1.3.0 build recipe.

meta-mender pyro-v2017.12

Released 12.20.2017

  • Fix bug where MENDER_DEVICE_TYPES_COMPATIBLE would only accept one entry.
  • Add Mender 1.3.0 build recipe.
  • u-boot: update mender_boot_part_name when mender_boot_part changes
  • Update example-state-scripts to use standard logging.
  • meta-mender-raspberrypi: increase layer priority to 10
  • sato: Set NETWORK_MANAGER to systemd.
  • Add machine configuration for Mender on colibri-imx7

meta-mender pyro-v2017.11

Released 11.14.2017

  • Add Mender 1.3.0b1 recipe.
  • Upstream image has grown significantly, increase to 608MB sdimg. The noticeably non-round number is to make sure the calculated rootfs size is divisible by the partition alignment.

Mender v1.2.2

Released 11.14.2017

deployments (1.2.2)

  • deployments: descending sort by created time when listing deployments

integration (1.2.2)

  • Upgrade deployments to 1.2.2.
  • Upgrade gui to 1.2.1.
  • Upgrade mender-api-gateway-docker to 1.2.1.
  • Fix Missing restart policy for some containers in docker-compose setup. (MEN-1556)

mender-api-gateway-docker (1.2.1)

  • nginx: separate HTTP and HTTPS server scopes, redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS


Released 10.02.2017

deployments (1.2.1)

  • Prevent artifacts with invalid checksums from being uploaded to the server. (MEN-1412)

integration (1.2.1)

  • Upgrade deployments to 1.2.1.
  • Upgrade mender to 1.2.1.
  • Upgrade mender-artifact to 2.1.1.

mender (1.2.1)

  • Improve error messages for state scripts errors. Rely on the full error description instead of just the error code.
  • Fix checksum not being verified for headers, only payload. (MEN-1412)

mender-artifact (2.1.1)

  • Fix broken header checksum verification. (MEN-1412)


Released 09.05.2017

deployments (1.2.0)

  • Deployment creation process changed. From now on artifacts are assigned to device deployments on update request handling.
  • Return 422 - Unprocessable Entity on attempt of creating deployment without artifacts
  • Deployments no longer require inventory to create deployments.
  • New optional array field: 'artifacts' in deployment object returned by API containing list of artifact ids used by deployment.

deviceauth (1.2.0)

  • Introduce 'server' subcommand that is also default command. Supports '--automigrate' parameter to enable automatic database version migration on startup.
  • Increase orchestrator request timeout to 30s

gui (1.2.0)

  • Bugfix for multiplying GET devices requests
  • Add ‘create user’ functionality
  • Change root API url to
  • Removed user creation UI incl password strength check (#231)
  • Added user management edit functionality
  • Updated node modules
  • Remove shortened device IDs, now useless due to incremental SHAs
  • create deployment from single device (MEN-1233)
  • Allow user to remove artifacts via the GUI
  • Added self user management

integration (1.2.0)

  • Move interactive flags for client container to main docker file. Makes it available for debugging on all client containers, not just dev containers.
  • allow access to https://localhost in test environment

mender (1.2.0)

  • Refactored all store implementations into /store
  • Improve error message when manifest field/file cannot be read.
  • Fixed format check to conform to the expected artifact-file-format (MEN-1289)
  • installer: improve incompatible image error message
  • Client will not run state scripts from cmd-line except when forced. (MEN-1235)
  • Fixed behaviour when no sys-cert is available on the system. (MEN-1151)
  • Mender now logs whatever a state-script outputs to stderr (MEN-1349)
  • Fix misleading version being displayed for non-tagged builds. (MEN-1178)
  • Changed the errormessage to more closely reflect the issue. (MEN-1215)
  • Removed the DeviceKey option in menderConfig.
  • Fix - Now throws an error when committing nothing. (MEN-505)
  • Introduction of state script feature. State scripts can be used to execute scripts at various stages of Mender's execution. See documentation for more information.
  • Introduce experimental support for writing to UBI volumes
  • Logs an error when device_type file not found. (MEN-505)
  • remove no longer referenced client certificate code

mender-api-gateway-docker (1.2.0)

  • Return additional headers for improved security: X-XSS-Protection, Cache-Control, Pragma. (MEN-1316)
  • Validate Origin header if present. (MEN-1287)
  • Add a configurable Host whitelist to gateway configuration, denying requests with unknown Hosts. Configured through ALLOWED_HOSTS env var on gateway startup. (MEN-1262)

mender-artifact (2.1.0)

  • Sign existing artifacts using mender-artifact CLI (MEN-1220)
  • Improve error message when private signing key can't be loaded.
  • Fix misleading version being displayed for non-tagged builds. (MEN-1178)
  • Mender-Artifact now returns an error code to the os on cli errors (MEN-1328)
  • mender-artifact now fails with whitespace in the artifact-name (MEN-1355)

useradm (1.2.0)

  • Improve log messages when opening connection to MongoDB.
  • Additional MongoDB configuration options: mongo_ssl, mongo_ssl_skipverify, mongo_username, mongo_password
  • Remove 'initial user' login logic, including 'POST /users/initial' API. Now initial user need to be created by administrator using cli (MEN-1034)
  • New cli subcommand for creating users: 'useradm create-user. (MEN-1034)
  • New API for listing users: 'GET https://localhost/api/management/v1/useradm/users' and 'GET https://localhost/api/management/v1/useradm/users/:userid'
  • New API for creating additional users: 'POST https://localhost/api/management/v1/useradm/users'
  • New API for editing user email and password: 'PUT https://localhost/api/management/v1/useradm/users/:userid'
  • New API for removing user: 'DELETE https://localhost/api/management/v1/useradm/users/:userid'


Released 06.16.2017


  • Remove shortened device IDs, now useless due to incremental SHAs
  • Fix for MEN-1233 - create deployment from single device


  • Fix misleading version being displayed for non-tagged builds. (MEN-1178)

v1.1.0 Beta 1

Released 05.24.2017


  • Increase file upload request validity when pushing artifact to remote file storage.
  • Update artifact handling reflecting changes in mender-artifact.
  • Support for signed images introduced, but with no signature verification yet. (MEN-1022)
  • Add device decommissioning support in the deployments service.
  • Update artifact description when updating artifact data.
  • images/s3: unmarshal S3 errors when uploading image
  • Artifact upload error handling fixed.
  • Update artifact description when updating artifact data. (MEN-1093)
  • travis: bump required Go version to 1.8


  • Support for listing device authentication data sets with device ID filter using GET /devices?device_id=


  • New feature: decommissioning device
  • devauth: improve logging when rejecting or giving out tokens
  • Decommission device endpoint implemented (without decommission job submit).
  • api/management: management API is publicly available, update misleading description
  • api: add tenant_token as an optional attribute in authentication request


  • Artifact signed field and improvements (MEN-230)
  • Bugfix: hide placeholder when past deployments is not empty (MEN-229)
  • Device blocking & decommissioning (MEN-226)
  • Implement pagination UI on pending & in progress deployment lists (MEN-222)


  • Upgrade all server components to 1.1 series
  • Upgrade client to 1.1
  • Upgrade mender-artifact to 2.0


  • No changes


  • nginx: log and pass X-MEN-RequestID


  • Switch default artifact format version to 2. (MEN-1183)
  • Add CLI support for signing and verifying images.
  • Add implementation of RSA and ECDSA signatures.
  • Fix returning and printing errors form artifact library.
  • Fix overwriting artifact if new one is invalid.
  • Add basic signing functionality and rewrite the library.


  • Add support for using signed mender-artifact library.
  • Add support for verifying artifact signature. (MEN-1020)


  • Added create-user and server commands to useradm. Running useradm server will start useradm service (just like running useradm did), also if no command is passed server is used a default. create-user will add given user to DB. Examples: useradm create-user --username --password foobarbarbar (creates a user with username and password foobar...), useradm create-user --username (same as before, but password is read from terminal). See --help for details.


Released 04.05.2017

Notable changes


  • Update artifact description when updating artifact data. (MEN-1093)
  • Fix log flag not being set for device deployment after log been uploaded. (MEN-1078)


  • Bugfix: open correct deployment report dialog from dashboard
  • Update node modules, add drag+drop artifact, allow edit artifact description
  • Move user token from local storage to cookie, add react-cookie module (#217)
  • Update node modules, add drag+drop & cookie functionality (#219)
  • Replace artifact upload dialog with drag-and-drop
  • Remove cookie when receiving unauthorized response
  • Edit artifact description in UI


  • Fix bug that caused the update not to be retried after failing during previous attempt (#193)


Released 02.20.2017