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Maintain the demo environment

You can find some steps for maintaining your demo environment below.

Stop the Mender services

This will also stop the virtual device, which is assigned a random MAC address each time it starts. Therefore it will appear as a new device once you start the Mender services again.

When you are done testing Mender, simply press Ctrl-C in the terminal you started Mender in, where the log output is shown. Stopping all the services may take about a minute.

The Mender demo environment can be started by running the up script again.

Reset login credentials

If you just lost the login credentials, you can run the reset-user script in the integration directory.

Clean up the environment

You will lose all state data in your Mender demo environment by running the commands below, which includes devices you have authorized, software uploaded, logs, deployment reports and any other changes you have made.

If you want to remove all state in your Mender demo environment and start clean, run the following commands in the integration directory: