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Debian family

This page describes the requirements for Mender when integrated with the Debian family target OS images such as Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian.

For these devices, mender-convert is used to perform Mender integration.

mender-convert will take care of the full integration, which includes:

  • Modification of the original partition layout to fulfill Mender needs
  • Integration with a compatible bootloader (see below for details)
  • Install the Mender client and its configuration into the image.

Bootloader support


mender-convert builds GRUB as second stage bootloader for Debian on Beaglebone. It is built from the official repository. Mender does not require any patches for GRUB and should be built with EFI platform support.


mender-convert provides for building and installing patched U-Boot for Raspbian. Currently only a patched U-Boot is supported by Mender on Raspberry Pi 3.

Mender integration

The procedure to be followed to integrate Mender is the same as for to create a Mender Artifact for Debian family OSes. Refer to Debian family Artifact creation for step by step instructions.