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Disk images

These disk images (*.img or *.sdimg) are based on images provided by board manufacturers and already have Mender fully integrated. They are used to provision the device storage for devices without Mender running already.

Mender provides images based on the following distributions:

Note that we do not offer commercial support for these images. They are based on images supported by board manufacturers, like the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and provide the same software and configuration options as the original images. Please use the support resources available from the board manufacturer, or contact us if you have any questions on the Mender integration.

Board OS Disk image
Raspberry Pi 3 Raspbian Buster Lite raspbian-buster-lite-mender.img.xz

You can find images for other devices in our Mender Hub community forum, see Debian Family or Yocto Project integration posts.

Mender Artifact

To download mender-artifact as an standalone tool, follow the correct link according to your host platform:

Platform Download link
Linux mender-artifact 3.3.0b1
Mac OS X mender-artifact 3.3.0b1

Remember to add execute permission (e.g. with chmod +x mender-artifact).

If you need to build mender-artifact from source, please see Compiling mender-artifact.

Mender client

A Debian package (.deb) is provided for convenience to install on e.g Debian, Ubuntu or Raspbian. We provide packages for the following architectures:

Architecture Devices Download link
armhf (ARM-v6) ARM 32bit distributions, for example Raspbian for Raspberry Pi or Debian for BeagleBone mender-client_2.2.0b1-1_armhf.deb
arm64 ARM 64bit processors, for example Debian for Asus Tinker Board mender-client_2.2.0b1-1_arm64.deb
amd64 Generic 64-bit x86 processors, the most popular among workstations mender-client_2.2.0b1-1_amd64.deb

Mender CLI

To download mender-cli, follow the correct link according to your host platform:

Platform Download link
Linux mender-cli 1.3.0b1
Mac OS X mender-cli 1.3.0b1

Remember to add execute permission (e.g. with chmod +x mender-cli).