Enterprise API overview


Mender Enterprise APIs


The Mender API is a RESTful API. This means that the API is designed to allow you to get, create, update, & delete objects with the HTTP verbs GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, & DELETE. The APIs make use of CORS (cross-origin-request) which also uses the OPTIONS request method.

Device and Management APIs

The APIs are split into two types - Device and Management. Device APIs are for device-originating requests, the Management APIs are intended for use by the UI and other tools that manage devices, Artifacts or deployments across devices.

API Versioning and compatibility

The APIs are being continuously reviewed and improved.

The following changes are considered backwards-compatible and users of the APIs should be flexible enough to handle them:

  • Adding new endpoints
  • Extending existing endpoints with additional attributes.
  • Support additional query parameters for existing endpoints.

If API compatibility needs to be broken at some point, the version number in the URI will be increased, e.g. from /api/management/v1/deployments to /api/management/v2/deployments. In such cases, both versions will be supported by the server for some period to allow for graceful transition.

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