Yocto Project


Check out the board integrations at Mender Hub to see if your board is already integrated. If you would like professional assistance supporting your board and OS, please refer to the commercial device support offering.

Yocto Project

Although it is possible to compile and install Mender independently, we have optimized the installation experience for those who build their Linux images using Yocto Project.

Mender's meta layer, meta-mender, has several branches that map to given releases of the Yocto Project. However, note that Mender is tested and maintained against the latest release branch of the Yocto Project only. Older branches for the Yocto Project are still kept in meta-mender, but they might not work seamlessly as they are not continuously tested by Mender. If you need support for older branches we recommend subscribing to Mender commercial software support.

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