Configuration file


Mender Connect client's add-on configuration resides in /etc/mender/mender-connect.conf on the root filesystem. This file is JSON structured and defines various parameters for Mender Connect operation.

Example mender-connect.conf file

Here is an example of a mender-connect.conf file:

    "ClientProtocol": "https",
    "HttpsClient": {
        "Certificate": "/certs/cert.pem",
        "Key": "/keys/key.pem"
    "ServerCertificate": "/certs/hosted.pem",
    "ServerURL": "wss://",
    "User": "mender",
    "Terminal": {
        "Height": 24,
        "Width": 128
    "Sessions": {
      "StopExpired": false,
      "ExpireAfter": 255,
      "ExpireAfterIdle": 16,
      "MaxPerUser": 4

Providing mender-connect.conf

The mechanism for providing the configuration file and specifying the configuration values will depend on your choice of OS distribution or build system.

If you have already built an Artifact containing the rootfs, have a look at modifying a Mender Artifact.

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