State scripts


Add state scripts to an Artifact

To add state scripts to an Artifact with mender-convert, use the same method as for other Artifact customizations: The mender_create_artifact hook. In this hook, add --script arguments to mender-artifact for each script you wish to add.


Take this example, which creates a custom_config file with a new hook:

cat <<- 'EOF' > configs/custom_config
mender_create_artifact() {
  local -r device_type="${1}"
  local -r artifact_name="${2}"
  log_info "Running custom implementation of the 'mender_create_artifact' hook"
  log_info "Writing Mender artifact to: ${mender_artifact}"
  log_info "This can take up to 20 minutes depending on which compression method is used"
  run_and_log_cmd "mender-artifact --compression ${MENDER_ARTIFACT_COMPRESSION} \
      write rootfs-image \
      --file work/rootfs.img \
      --output-path ${mender_artifact} \
      --artifact-name ${artifact_name} \
      --device-type ${device_type} \
      --script my-state-scripts/ArtifactInstall_Enter_00"


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