Mender Gateway


Mender Gateway is only available in the Mender Enterprise plan. See the Mender features page for an overview of all Mender plans and features.

In segregated networks, most devices may operate without direct access to the Internet. In such networks, typically only a gateway has Internet access and offers a limited set of services to devices in the local network. Mender Gateway is such an application service that runs on the gateway and enables managing and deploying OTA updates to devices on the local network. The gateway acts as a proxy with the ability to understand and serve client requests locally.

Mender Gateway operates by proxying requests from a local HTTP(S) server on the local network to the upstream Mender server. It is capable of proxying Artifacts from an s3-compatible file server to the devices and enabling mutual TLS authentication requests on behalf of devices.

Mender gateway

Artifact Proxy and Cache

The Mender Gateway can understand when a device has an available update and serves Artifacts on the server's behalf. Without this feature, the device would try downloading the Artifacts referenced by the download link contained in the deployment instructions directly from the internet. The Mender Gateway will instead replace the download link in the deployment instructions with a local URL served by itself.

It can also cache the Artifacts locally and serve them locally when needed. In this way, when multiple devices request the same Artifact, it will be downloaded only once and then served from the cache for the subsequent download requests saving bandwidth. The Mender Gateway will automatically manage the cache eviction when the Artifacts cache is enabled if there is no more free space on the path specified in the configuration file.

See the Mender Gateway User Guide for a reference setup of Mender Gateway as an Artifact Proxy.

Mutual TLS Authentication

The Mender Gateway is capable of automatic provisioning of devices using mTLS authentication. Any device with a valid certificate signed by the Certificate Authority (CA) configured on the gateway, is automatically accepted by the Mender server. See the mTLS user guide for a reference mutual TLS setup in a testing environment.

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