Mender Authentication API v1



This interface lets applications authenticate with the Mender server. The Mender client will handle the authentication and provide the user with a JSON Web Token (JWT) and the server URL, which the user can use to do API calls to the Mender server on his own.



Method Details


GetJwtToken (OUT s token,
             OUT s server_url);

Gets current JWT token and server URL. If no JWT token is available, an empty token is returned

Parameter Description
OUT s token Valid JWT token
OUT s server_url Server URL


FetchJwtToken (OUT b success);

Instructs the Mender client to fetch the JWT token from the server. When the token is ready, a FetchJwtToken signal will be emitted.

Parameter Description
OUT b success false on errors

Signal Details


JwtTokenStateChange (s token,
                     s server_url);

Emitted whenever a valid JWT is available in the Mender client. The event includes the new token and the server URL.

Parameter Description
s token Current JWT token
s server_url Server URL

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