Mender Update Management API v1



This feature will be removed in Mender client 4.0. For server-side support duration, please refer to our blog post - - section Deprecation: Synchronized updates

This interface lets applications interact with the update flow. It is exposed at

  • connection: io.mender.UpdateManager
  • object: /io/mender/UpdateManager


Method Details


SetUpdateControlMap (IN  s update_control_map,
                     OUT i refresh_timeout);

update_control_map determines the update control flow, allowing the user to interrupt the update process at specified states. The parameter takes the following JSON schema:

"id": "da32f669-e82c-455e-848b-606e0110f0a0",
"priority": 0,
"states": {
"ArtifactInstall_Enter": {
"action": "continue|force_continue|pause|fail",
"on_map_expire": "continue|force_continue|fail",
"on_action_executed": "continue|force_continue|pause|fail"
"ArtifactReboot_Enter": { ... },
"ArtifactCommit_Enter": { ... }
  • id is a unique ID for the update control map. In the special case where the id is equal to the deployment ID, the update_control_map is cleared after the deployment finished. This happens if the update_control_map is provisioned with the deployment.
  • states instructs the Mender client what to do when entering the state given as object key. Valid state values include: ArtifactInstall_Enter, ArtifactReboot_Enter and ArtifactCommit_Enter.
  • action is the action executed for the given state, continue and force_continue proceeds with the update, pause will wait before proceeding and fail will fail the deployment immediately - defaults to continue.
  • on_map_expire is the action taken when the application does not refresh the update_control_map in time - the default value depends on action: continue=continue, force_continue=force_continue, pause/fail=fail.
  • on_action_executed is the next action which will be executed after the current one has executed. This provides an atomic way for an update to, for example, continue, and then immediately go back to pausing all subsequent updates. This is useful if each update must be approved by a user on the device. Defaults to the value in action.
  • priority is used for resolving conflicting update control maps for the same deployment. If multiple maps exist for the same priority, the order of precedence is fail, pause, force_continue. continue is only executed if no other action exists at any priority level.
Parameter Description
IN s update_control_map JSON update control map (see description for schema)
OUT i refresh_timeout Seconds until the request should be refreshed.

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