Hosted Mender is available in Europe and the US. Each instance is fully isolated and provides all the Mender features. Artifacts are distributed globally using Cloudflare's global network to ensure low latency. However, European Enterprise customers can contact sales to restrict the Artifact location to only reside within Europe.


The list of the currently supported regions follows:

  • US instance - https://hosted.mender.io
  • EU instance - https://eu.hosted.mender.io

The EU instance is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Region selection

When setting up your account, you can select the desired region from the list of the available hosted Mender instances:

region selection

Switching between instances

As the different instances are independent, there is no automated way to move your account from one region to another. If you need to migrate from one region to another, you can get in touch with the support.

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